Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How not to lose a next generation iphone prototype!

You may enjoy reading the story of the Apple Engineer who left the 4th Generational iphone prototype at a bar. Here is the basic story on Gizmodo!

Here is the short end of the story:

So an Apple Engineer walks into a bar....Not a joke but a real story-

-Engineer throws back a few cold ones and leaves the bar with the iphone on his chair.

-Bar patron finds the iphone and takes it home.

-Patron plays with the phone and discovers it is disguised and may be the new iphone prototype.

-Apple remotely turns the phone off.

-Patron calls Apple to return the phone, but Apple basically blows him off!

-Patron calls a few tech companies to sell and gets 5K from Gizmodo for the prototype.

-Gizmodo disects the prototype and believes it is the real thing!

-Gizmodo contacts Apple about the possible iphone prototype.

-Steve Jobs calls Gizmodo and requests the stolen property to be returned.

-Gizmodo asks for the request in writing and receives 1 page paper from General Counsel!

-Gizmodo returns the iphone prototype to Apple.

I feel sorry for the engineer, but at the same time, it's his own dang fault and it's a pretty funny story! It would not surprise me if another Silicon Valley Tech company (ie Google) gives the engineer a call and offers him a job!

Who would've thought that this could happened!

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