Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cruise to Eastern Caribbean.

Picture of the Miami skyline and cruise deck. This is the day we boarded and left the port.

Alan striking a pose!!

Here are some brief Highlights of our recent Caribbean Cruise Ports Visited:

Bahamas – Private island, nice white sandy beaches and good lunch. Virgin Islands – Did some shopping and split a ¾ burger at a tavern. Puerto Rico – Bus tour of Old San Juan, browsed the local shops and even toured an ancient defense building near the shore. Turks and Cacos – Included Margaretaville and some shopping. They had some drinking and dancing contests around the pool. Had white sandy beaches here too!

Jenny striking a pose!!

Our cruise Director named Butch from MN was hyper and off the wall!
Who names their child Butch these days??

Here is a pic of our Head Waiter Sergei from Estonia!

Additional Highlights of the week:

Great Food – Filet, lobster tail, prime rib, and several seafood plates. Molten chocolate was the desert of choice and we even got the recipe for it!

Weather was mid-upper 70’s the entire time! It rained once briefly on the Virgin Islands when we were inside eating lunch!

Met some new friends in our dinner group form Los Angeles! Amy and Geoff were our age and they were a riot to sit by!
Interesting Carnival Liberty Cruise Facts:

-Half a million dollars of product loaded each week.
-Chefs serve over 30K meals a day.
-Busy days, 140 buses transfer people to the Miami ports for cruises.
-Carnival Liberty ship holds 3200 people.
-20 Different countries where cruise workers were from!

Overall it was a very fun adventure for 7 days! We were not ready to go home to the freezing winter awaiting us! Thanks to Carnival Liberty for hosting us and we look forward to our next cruise down the road!

You can't get any better reporting on cruising than this!! I hope you enjoyed the post!! :